Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Anagram Poetry

This is kinda fun. Like the 50 word stories were. What got me thinking of them was the clues I gave for our new baby’s name.

1st clue: The picture
2nd clue: The name of the picture lily maker.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to create an anagram poem with all the names in our family. Here it is:

Alone a leery animal I waken.
Alarm at his horns, mane
A snarl,
A howl,
I ran
It is an anagram of following names (the new baby's name is mask with ?'s so you can figure it out if you have not already)
Noah William Martin Nielsen Aaron Sarah Renea Arwen Joshua Alan ???? ?????

Here are some tools to help make your own:
Anagram maker
Post as a comment what you come up with. Family names are fun, but I'm sure other things would work as well.
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