Tuesday, June 30, 2009

224 Marble Drive.

I was going to make this a comment adding to Matthew’s comment about how he’s wanted to tour 224 Marble Drive for the memories. But now that I think about it I would like to make it a post where people can add their memories of wherever/whatever gives them that warm sense of nostalgia.

I've wanted to go back and check it out as well (224 Marble Drive). I've driven past it and found it funny the different perspective I have on things. I mean literally. The steep hills I used to try and conquer on my bike are really just little bumps. It’s weird to think that Austin is making memories that he will look back on with nostalgia. He’s only 4 but I can remember parts of being 4. Man the memories from 224 marble drive; Earthquake sand and hunting dragons with Aaron, swimming with the family, the tree house, playing with Lego’s, watching Smurfs on Saturday morning before soccer games… I could go on.

I get the same feeling for 2163 Concord Ave but not as strong. I wonder why that is. Maybe because I was older and things were less magic to me as I hit my teenage years. I really enjoyed my childhood, pains and all. Sometimes I miss it, the camping, and the adventures at black diamond. I really don’t know if there are more nostalgic places for me than the following:

-Black Diamond


-Redds Meadow

-Saddle Bag Lake in the Tent trailer

What are your places of nostalgia?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Numbers Game

I got to thinking about numbers the other day as i was falling asleep and realized that there are several numbers that are instantly recognizable by most people. Some others are instantly recognized by certain groups. Anyway here is a numbers quiz for you. See how many you can get and respond in comments. Some may be a bit ambiguous so I tried to group them together so think in themes, each theme starts with a very recognizable number. Also, units are not shown. So without further ado see what you can get with no help.

299,792,458 (perhaps better known as 3x10 to the 8th
1; 92,855,820; 8. (This is a measurement of distance all three numbers are equal (with different units)).
100 (or 212)
29,029 (think of Dave
88,600 (Same idea as the previous answer)
4.5 billion
14 billion
80 billion (this is a number of a certain type of thing, think BIG
10 to the 100
10 to the 10 to the 100
{14,19,21,23,27,27,28,31,33,34,36,38} (this may be off a bit, but you should get it)
And finally...

Good luck.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Review-The Omnivore's Dilemma

I initially saw this book peaking out of the shelves of a Jamba Juice. I found the title intriguing and eventually got around to purchasing it. I thoroughly enjoyed this playful story of food and would recommend it to anyone. I really like that Pollan doesn't push an agenda on you. The greater portion of the book is just educating you with very intesting and yes, at times disturbing, facts. It motivates you to think more about where your food comes from and what exactly you are eating. But don't worry, it isn't a preachy book that wants you to be a vegetarian! I think most of us love the idea of a micro family garden/farm and this book definitely gives lots of useful tips on what makes a good one. Pollan's musings about his hunting experiences became fairly cheesy but that is the only part that bordered on boring. Read this, you'll like it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some fun

For a while now I've been coming up with some chord progressions with fun rhythms on guitar but have never really been able to put any of them to words. I figure since there are those blessed with the poet's quill maybe we could do a collaborative effort to write some songs. I think it would be fun to try it at least. Meghan and I had some fun last time I was at Grandpa and Grandma Nielsen's house coming up with some lyrics to a song about vampires (only joking though). Anyway, so I planed to upload some videos and then wait for those of you with some writing talent to send (or post) some lyrics. What ever you felt the song sounded like (love song, lulluby, silly...). But I found some really good lyrics and decided to run with it. I hope there isn't any copy right infringement but I think I'll be okay. I almost didn't post them because of that effect where you sound really weird to yourself when you hear a recording. Well you sound even worse when you are singing into a poor microphone.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Writing Venture

As you all know, I have been trying to get a good idea for a book for a while. This morning mom told me a story about Madelyn and I couldn't get it out of my head. So I sat down at my computer and two and a half hours later I had the first draft of my own little fairy tale. It is going to take a lot of editing but I am thinking about submitting this book to a publisher. Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

Monday, June 15, 2009

They are so crazy

I am sure most of us have wondered why people do the things they do. Vote the way they vote, etc. Conservatives generally think that liberals have a mental illness. Liberals think that conservatives are simpletons or religious fanatics. Surely both views cannot be correct. What if they are both wrong? I saw the title of this video and though it would be interesting. I think it was. Helpful in understanding other people and why they hold the crazy beliefs they do. Discuss in comments please.

Link to Video

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book Review-Samedi the Deafness

Samedi the Deafness is a strange read no doubt. The language of the book is abrupt and lyrical. It is somewhat of a mystery. The strange events taking place and the novel places that creep their way into the main characters life draw you in. It is different from any other book I've read and I like that. You find yourself wondering whether the events taking place are real or if they are delusions that only the main character believes to be real but are not in fact taking place. As the author states in an interview, "Samedi is an investigation of lies and responsibility.” Overall one of my favorite reads, albeit a strange one.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Book Review: Mistborn

It's been a long time since I've read fantasy, but if I'm still calibrated correctly to the genre this is a good book and will prove to be a good series. I've read the first book and liked it and am enjoying the second. Ninja's meet Fantasy is kinda what it feels like, and let's face it Ninja's are cool (substitute Jedi's if you haven't been turned off to them by the recent Star Wars films). I originally picked this book up because the author has been chosen to finish the Wheel of Time books after Robert Jordan's death. Luckily Brandon Sanderson is a much better writer than Robert Jordan was, I almost finished his series just to not have wasted the time getting as far as I had. Though in the end I couldn't finish and only read the summaries. The fight scenes are awesome and I really liked all the characters.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Movie review: UP

Ok, just got back from the 3D version and I have to say on first viewing I think this is my favorite animated movie ever. Don't know how well it will hold up to 100 viewings like Cars and The Incredibles did. And as a first for Pixar not only is it good for adults and kids I think it is much better for adults. I almost got teary eyed really. It was a touching and fairly deep film. A must see I think. Oh and read the parallel universe article and drop a comment on what you thought.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Parallel Universes

Here's an interesting articles on Parallel Universe theories in Quantum Physics.

Multiverse by Max Tegmark (pdf)

I think this could be a fun discussion. The article may hurt your brain a little so read it slowly.

A question to start it off:

perceived frog perspective is physically real,
and the bird perspective and all its mathematical
language is merely a useful approximation.

PLATONIC PARADIGM: The bird perspective
(the mathematical structure) is physically real,
and the frog perspective and all the human language
we use to describe it is merely a useful approximation
for describing our subjective perceptions.

Which camp are you in, why?

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