Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book review: The Road

So I know this is a bit late as most of you have read this but...
I found this book to be powerful so I figured I'd write a quick little blurb. I figure it can't hurt.

So I am sitting at the dinner table tonight watching Dallin shove an over-sized hamburger into his face, as I sip some generic root beer and munch on salt and vinegar chips. And it hits what a feast. How fortunate we are and don't even know it. How beautiful this world, how much we have.

Most Post-apocalyptic stories are of surviving and rebuilding. Beating the odds and living to see a brighter day. Not so with this book. The world is dead, the environment ruined, and man clings to the dregs of our present, eking out a few more miserable years all the while feeding off other men, and not only figuratively.

I guess the powerful part was being faced with utter hopelessness, what is the point in going on? To perpetuate the species? That will end soon in such a world. For the first time ever in a book I found myself thinking that those that gave up had the right idea. The wife was right. Was it wrong of the group with the pregnant woman to do what they did? Was there another option?

Now this was from an outside perspective from a person who could see what it meant if all the plants were dead and all the fish in the sea were too, the sun blotted out with ash. I suppose, put in the middle of the situation I would fight on as the Man did. At least I would hope to. And who knows maybe some lived to see a brighter day after even such a catastrophe.

Anyways, from my limited knowledge of the subject I feel that this is one of the best books of American literature. The prose is spartan but poetic and so profound at times that I did could not fathom it. Read it if you have not.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

14 Billion Years

Matthew's lyrics, my music. If anyone else wants to make a song just send me some lyrics and maybe sing them into a mp3 so I already have a melody (thats what Matthew did). I want to get a good lullaby about dragons and adventures and the like.

Oh, and I'm not to sure if I like the ending, I might change it up a bit. Too much of the same note. And I'm also not sure if I subconsciencly got parts of the tune from some where. At first it sounded original but now that I've played it and listened to it a bunch I wonder if I got it from some where or now it just sounds familiar to me. I hope its the second.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Strange and Amazing Places

1) 27°22'49.54"N 33°37'55.93"E

2) 40°27'26.69"N  93°23'33.86"E

3) 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W

4) 19°56'56.41"S 69°38'1.38"W

5) 33°44'39.33"N 112°38'3.83"W

I thought these were pretty cool satellite images.  Google Earth them (or even google maps in satellite view).  They are all pretty big...the mosaic in China is the biggest I think at a mile to a side and 100 feet on the thick lines.  Please share more if you have them and your thoughts on them.
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