Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family History

I've been trying to get things cleaned up in our family history for some time now.  I dead end a few generations back on the Nielsen patriarchal line into Denmark.  But have made good progress on a few other lines.  I found some fun sites that access the family history data.
This map represents the migration of my childrens ancestors 10 generations back.
Looks like a lot of the Nielsen's came straight to Utah (Blue Lines are My relatives) and the Hudson's to the East Coast.
Even back at the 10th generation there is more US born blood in my kids than foreign.  Here's the total count of where my kids ancestors were born back 10 generations.  I was hoping to find some surprises in there but there were not much traveling going on back then I guess.

Relative Finder is another fun site I found.

You can check your relationship to anyone with a deep enough family history.
One fun thing I discovered is that Gov. William Bradford of Mayflower and Plymoth Colony is our 11th Great Grandfather.

A few others the kids had me look up.
14th cousin 4 times removed from Bear Grylls
11th cousin from Sarah
14th cousin from President Obama

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