Thursday, October 29, 2009

The End - The Beginning

Eventually they were told about the comet.  "Get supplies... inside...anything."  Too late.  Food, water, gone, procured for Project Second Genesis...  our progenitors.  Humanity's survival left no alternative.  Now, just west of dawn, the seemingly endless night ending, we prepare to return, and fear, could anything survive above? Cold, dark, desolate.  Are they waiting?

Legend tells of those who fled deep into the earth, leaving us destitute, leaving us to die.  Someday they'll crawl from their culvert, after centuries of endless winter nights, to claim our world.  Remember their machinations, their forked tongues.  When dawn returns we'll be waiting, to redirect the comet's fury.

Despite training

San Quinten Prison

It's too hot

Billy Cowered

They'd searched for years.

Low Tide


Dad's Story

My computer became self aware


Hawaiian bird

Hawaiian bird, eyes bigger than mouth,  watching fish.  Quietly, slowly, he slinks down the lava rock like a cat ready to pounce. SPLASH!  Fish is too big for mouth.  Day after day he repeats his attempted meal.  Failure after failure bird grows thinner and thinner.    Jump! SPLASH!   Fish eats bird.

They'd searched for years

They'd searched for years.  Investors, like their hair, thinned over time.  Finally they gazed upon it, transfixed.   More beautiful than imagined, more precious than the gold that comprised it.  They stared at it, then each other with greed in their eyes, malice in their hearts.  None lived to claim it.

They attacked time after time

They attacked time after time, destroying our fortifications as fast as we could rebuild them.  Our battle was hopeless, our enemy relentless and indomitable, ever advancing, full of mindless destruction. Still we battle on.  They will never cease, neither will we, well, at least not until the tide goes out.

Absurd Combinations

Absurd clashing combinations that wouldn’t normally combine, but I’m too curious what they’ll become when they are knitted  … married with each other in a completed pattern so I choose them anyway.  They combine, and some knit together in beauty while others would be better off remaining single. . . like axe murderers.


I hate standing in lines to be tested for a new license.  These lines;
they are always just long enough for you to forget what you've
studied.  You needed a license to drive, then one for having children,
and now the big one, my license to continue living past retirement.


I was hiking a trail

I was hiking a trail through the misty green hills in winter at sunset.  I watched the sky turn from bright salmon into the indigo of twilight.   I stumbled, which startled me out of my reflections, to awaken where I started yet another ordinary day of school in third grade.

There is so much I could teach them

There is so much I could teach them if they would just listen, world peace, clean up the ozone, how to make fat free food taste good.  I tell them all the time but they are too busy with their lives.  Woof!  Woof! They just refuse to listen to me.

I awoke with a start

I awoke with a start drenched in sweat.  The rest hadn’t done me well; my headache was worse as were various other aches of my old age.  I thought it odd and annoying that my wife was nagging me from another room; hadn’t that old hag been gone for years?

My foe breaks

Sensing my intent, my foe breaks. Tackling him from behind I unleash the fury within.  He retaliates with great force, but is no match. With increasing intensity the struggle rages on. 
His painful cries of agony and defeat portend my imminent victory. It is finished! Another fresh diaper for Evan.

There, oscillating in perfectly timed rhythm

Excited, I entered the laboratory


Down, oh so low.  I’m falling down, wow, I feel so high, I was so high.  I feel so free, excited, liberated.  This is the best I’ve ever felt in my life.  This is so great, thrilling.  I feel so alive, alive…  Oh man, I shouldn't have done that … SPLAT!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everybody's blog

Wordle: ALL sites

Everybody that has a blog here you go. Wendy, Whitney, Meghan, Heidi and I, and the Oregon Nielsen's. I took the liberty to remove PM,, and "f.ily" which were some of the biggest. It looks like we all agree in "fun" and "little". And I guess the others sites mention Noah more than Arwen because he seems to have passed her up.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wordle: Untitled

Here it is again with the entire text of our blog included. Sorry Bethany, apparently the primary blog author doesn't show up as anything but "I" which is removed as a common word. We love you anyway.

Word Cloud

Here is a world cloud made from all the words in our blog from the beginning.  The size of the word indicates it's frequency...Arwen wins again with Noah in close second.  Open the pdf link to view all the little words.  Make your own and post them.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


I want to see everyone's monogram. I've seen Aaron's and Sarah's but those that I haven't should post them or if you don't have one, come up with one. Here are some of mine (roughly sketched out, I need an art program to play around with textures and colors). I cant really decide on which to go with. They are all comprised of MWN. You should be able to find the MWN in all of them. Use your imagination for some.

Most of the time the MWN overlaps using lines from each other. Some are derived from Mt. Diablo, and the others from my line of work.

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