Tuesday, October 24, 2006

50 Word Stories

I know it's behind me, not watching me, it has no eyes. Then, out of nowhere, it's stunted figure appears, stubby arms flailing. Slowly, silently, it takes on the form of a man, then stretches out into a distorted gangly shape evaporating into the darkness. My heart races. I run.

~ Aaron

Do we need all these options? I want only the best. A better model comes out every year, why not get a cheap base model and upgrade yearly? Have you seen the cost of upgrades? Right, let’s go high end. Where’s the salesman?Doctor, we’re ready to have a baby.


Jump, Jump, scurry, swing, swing, grab. Success, joy, triumph! Mmmm, delectable treat! Worth every risk! What’s this, a bug? Hazah! Another prize. Footsteps? Familiar odor? Wait, oh no, a fellow foe coming to steal my prize! Must escape, hurry, grab precious prize! Scurry, climb, jump, swing…Oh look, another bug! Victory!


So warm, so nice. Oh look, the farmer, ouch! Its dark, its cold! Oh look, it’s farfnuckle! Now who’s this, hey, no pulling! Ahh, its warm again. What’s that shiny thing? Ouch! Finally, peace, but wait…I’m sinister, what has changed? I think I’ve lost weight too! So warm, I’m glowing!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Office

I don't know if this is legal or not...but I'm adding an odd thought to Aaron's blog! Aaron and I really like to watch the show, "The Office." If you haven't seen it, it's hysterical. I was dubious the first couple of seasons, but now that I actually sat down and watched it, I love it! I laugh so hard every week. Anyways...odd thought...if I had to have a job, I would so want to work for the boss, Michael. He is the biggest idiot in the universe and I think that I would be the happiest person in the world. I'd come home from work every day thinking that I had the greatest job ever. No one works there and they have things like "Movie Monday." It would be my ultimate job. Well...just something to think about!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

How is everyone doing on their Christmas Stories?

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Stories I have so far (Don't be last on the list!) :



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