Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fresh Paint

I got a touch screen ultra book from a project I completed at work.  There's a free windows app called Fresh Paint that's really fun.  It's like finger painting with oils.  You can also use pictures as painting guides.  If any of you have touch screens and widows 8 give it a try and post your paintings.  I'm sure there are other OS apps out there you could use as well.

You'll recognize these next two from Black Diamond:
 Black Hill

Vault Rock

Haunted Forest
 Sorry about the rotation...Arwen and I were trying to follow along with Bob Ross on this one and ended up liking the half finished painting better than the one he ended up with so the happy little path is a bit haunted. 



Matthew said...

That's pretty cool, and I think the spooky path is my fav. We were just talking about doing our own orange juice and canvas painting party at home so if you come across any cool step by step painting videos send them our way.

Matthew said...

That comment is from Bethany by the way. I just realized that I was logged in as Matthew.

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